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Use SysDictField instead of DictField


            Palle Agermark made  a wonderful post on Importing table fields in to Excel. if you haven’t checked it  just check out
I have some additions to it  here,
instead of using Dictfield if you use SysDictField, you can avoid writing the if condition to find the source type
As Posted in Palles code
 if (dictField.typeId())
            excelCell = excelCells.item(rowCounter, #ColumnType);
            excelCell.value(new DictType(dictField.typeId()).name());
            if (dictField.enumId())
                excelCell = excelCells.item(rowCounter, #ColumnType);
                excelCell.value(new DictEnum(dictField.enumId()).name());
If you would use SysDictfield
then it will be 
                excelCell = excelCells.item(rowCounter, #ColumnType);
…………..  I guess it’s useful


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