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Debug::assert statements found in Sys layer in Dynamics Ax 2009

July 19, 2010 4 comments

This morning I was surprised to see Debug::assert statements in Sys layer table object as I was traversing the InventTrans tree node.

[Sorry for wrongly pressing the panic button… ūüėČ This seems to be pretty common with new versions of Ax. Please see comments from Kashperuk]

If you look at \Data Dictionary\Tables\InventTrans\Methods\unpostedInvoiceIdForReceivedPurchType method then you will find more then 5 assert statements in it. I quickly checked where this method is being used from. It was called from a display method inside the same table. Luckily one of our developer have commented it during rollup upgrade. This statement can attempt to open the debugger if the assertion is false. So I guess it would be good if you would do something to prevent it.

Hope anybody from Microsoft following this blog would take it further to fix it…..