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ALM (Deployment) with Dynamics Ax 2012 R2

October 24, 2012 Leave a comment

Metadata db and the datadb can now be separate ūüôā

Single user Topology for development: Microsoft recomments the Single user topology when using sourcecontrol and to manage multiparty development

– Shared application topology is not recommened for the following reasons
– To debug a Pcode the visual studio needs to be used. During the attach process the AOS is paused for all user
– Server restarts for a single user stops the entire application

– Visual Studio Projects – Apart from the Synchornize to the AOT, we must right scripts to run MSbuild for these projects. This
ensures a proper VS project import

Deploying to the Production

– Element id’s as we all know is generated during the import of models, so it is recommended not to import models in to Production
system to avoid id conflicts

– Maintain a seperate staging setup where the metadatastore of the production and staging are maintained commonly. Import models to
the staging and then move the metadata

– Model store import is quicker, will bring the down time and speed up import.


Life Cycle tools – Dynamics ax 2012 R2

October 24, 2012 Leave a comment

Life cycle services

Life Cycle Dash board

– This is a all new cloud based service that helps managing several stages of implementations

– Has a dashboard kind of setup that gives a complete overview of all projects and their status.

РIndustry solutions like Public Sector, Manufacturing, are modeled through their business process. The business process are created in detailed manner and then mapped to their behavior in ax.(Similar to Rapid value from ColumbusIT)

РThese business process can be customized based on  your implementation requirement. Finally these can be used to generate gap fit documents.

-The Process created here can be used to create workItems directly in TFS helping manage the customization process.

Business Process


Hot fix process

– Based on components (Classes/Tables) you can search for Hotfixes/changes that has happened in the previous or the upcoming hotfix releases.

– A search on element shows up all the Hotfixes that are related to it and allows to further drill down to see the changes that has happened in the specific hotfixes.

HotFix Analysis

Diagnostic services:

– The Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Diagnostic Framework, also called DiagFX, helps administrators diagnose the health of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

РThe framework assesses the health of  Application Object Server (AOS), Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, and  Analysis Services.

РIt can be configured to Collect data from Microsoft Dynamics AX servers, Execute rules on the collected data, Report rule violations on a dashboard interface, and Provide reports based on collected data.

– The Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Diagnostic Framework also helps administrators mitigate problems by providing information about issues, and also links to sites where suitable information is available. Users can add new modules and rules.

Diagnostic Framework – Dashboard

 Code Analyzer tool:

РA cloud based service that allows to upload code as (XPO/Model-Not sure here). The models are analyzed to give you detailed reports on the quality of the customization changes.

– Can be accessed through information source

– You can compare models against different versions

– Since it is a cloud tool takes no resource from you, that you can upload leave it and wait for the results to be back.

– A few higlights like,

– Bench mark metrics on Performance, Quality.(More to be added before the release)

– Excel report on table without indexes, Forms and the datasource count, Charts on various quality factors by table group, Top
errors in the application etc

– A consolidated HTML report that gives you stastics on New components by their type like Table, classes. Deprecated key word in
code, Best practice warnings etc.

Code Analyzer results view