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Well  these days there have been quite a few number of bloggers around on Ax…it’s difficult to maintain on the side bar. So here is a bigger and growing list of Ax bloggers.

I have taken efforts to ensure that all the links are working.If you have any links that could be added here Please mail  them to

Refer below to understand the relevance marking for these  links.


(o) -> Indicates no new posts
*     -> Indicates active blogging and number of stars is the rating
(M) -> Microsoft blog
(n) -> New entrant not rated yet



AKU’s Ax Blog****


Axapta Blog- Axapta Freak (o)

Axapta programming blog practical HOWTOs (o)

Axapta Source – The fastest growing AX Info place!(o)

Amir’s Microsoft Dynamics AX space**


Ax(apta) start pages(o)

Art of creation***

Ax in the field***(m) –  Performance and DB

bojan jovičić patterns, erp systems, intelligent system*

Cesar de la Torre – BLOG (o) (m)

David Pokluda.Blog (o) (m)

Dave’s Dynamics AX Blog (o)

Dilip’s blog on DYNAMICS AX DAX 2009 DAX 5.0***

Dynamics AX-Blogspot****

Dynamics Ax (Axapta) and MS reflections(o)

Dynamics AX – Certification (o)

Dynamics AX Geek (o)


Manel Querol – Dynamics Ax Stuff***

Denis Macchinetti Dynamics AX*

Dynamics Ax workflow wanderings**

Dynamics Doodles (o)

Doens blog***

FT Dynamics AX blog(o)

Fee Nolan’s Microsoft Dynamics AX (o) (m)

Florian’s Dynamics Ax blog***(n)(m) – Frequently updated & Specialized in AIF

Fred Shen*

Issues concerning X++*** (m)

Harish Mohanbabu**

Harry Deshpande(o)

HBL-Ax2009 Tech blog*

Jacob Soren – Columbus IT**

Jaestevan Blog****(n) – Frequently updated.

Kashperuk Ivan****

Kevin’s Blog ** (n) – Contents from Ax, Windows Mobile, .Net, Php

Microsoft Dynamics Snap Team Blog (o)

Microsoft Dynamics AX – Thai (0)

mfp’s two cents- MS Ax Blog**** (m)

Microsoft Dynamics Blogspot **

Matrish Mangal**

Oleksandr Nazarov’s Remarks** (m)

Palle Agermark’s WebLog – Old MSDN (o) (m)

Palle Agermark’s WebLog – New Blogspot***


Rajdip Das – Dax world*

Shekhar Diptiman’s***

Santosh Ramamurthy**

Santosh Kumar Paruvella* – EP Special

Saveen reddy blog**(m)– SSRS, Business Intelligence

Sjakalaka**(n) – DB, Ax2012

Sreenath Reddy Blog* – General Ax

Sumit Ax Blog** – AIF, EP, WorkFlow

Solutions Monkey**** (m)

Sidax free sidebar for Microsoft Axapta (0)



Zubair’s Blog(o)

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