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Dynamics Ax 2012 Reporting cookbook published & 5 reasons why you should go for it

September 30, 2013 Leave a comment

Hello everyone,

I’m very happy to inform you that the Dynamics AX reporting cookbook I authored is now published and available through major retailers online.

amazon-com amazon-co-uk barnes-nobleimages

If you had pre-ordered it through packt then you should already have it in your hand. If not and you are still thinking if this book is for you, here are 5 reasons that tells you how buying this book is a good choice.


  1. Understand the inners of reporting Framework: This book helps you understand the framework portions like the controller, preprocessing, temptable marshaller to the depth with the help of flowcharts and diagrams. Just because you do it better when you know it better.
  2. Better choice of controllers and data source: The book has one or more examples for all the possible controls including the ones that are not found in the out of the box reports and discusses every possible data source available for the reports with examples. Just because you make a better choice when you know the options better.
  3. Speed up development and testing: Inside the book there are unique techniques that can help you speed up development as well gain time by quick tricks to fasten testing. Just because you get time to be creative when you make your routines easier.
  4. Implementation pattern reference: There are recipes in this book for typical development patterns like validations, defaulting values, building lookups, multi value lookups, inventory & financial dimensions and much more. Just because Google is not your only friend we are here too ūüôā
  5. Analyze and Handle issues faster: The book has step by step in detail guidance to approach development issues, upgrades and design. It speaks about additional tools that can help you understand report performance and usage. Just because your mysterious must not remain unresolved.

curious and want to know more before buying ??

Look at the table of contents here  or Download the sample chapter from here

Interested in reviewing this book in  your blog ? Please contact me @casperkamal[at]gmail[dot]com

Interested in learning SSRS – Attend my SSRS session at AXUG see more details here

This blog has more SSRS tips revealed from the book read them here

Book review: Extending Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Cookbook

September 3, 2013 2 comments

Packt recently has come up with good titles related to Dynamics and specifically AX. So here is the new addition to the list Extending Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Cookbook by Murray Fife. Murray Fife is quite popular in the community through his slideshare presentations that are detailed, ready to implement and interesting articles that would benefit you immediately. This book again is a fantastic addition from Murray. You can read the interview with Murray where he discuss his experience writing this book and future plans here. 8331EN_cover The book is simple, crispier and has a good flow overall. It is non theoretical get in to action type meaning right from the first chapter and the first page you have something that can be accomplished out of it be it adding a role center page or publishing your reports to the role center. As you run through the chapters you would be surprised to see how much can be accomplished without getting your hands dirty with programming. The book covers recipes related to SharePoint, Power view, Performance point, Lync, Workflow, Office, Infopath, OData in relation to Dynamics AX. The author has broken down the chapters in to smaller recipes in a manner that at the end of the chapter the recipes together create a meaningful addition to Dynamics AX. My personal favorites have been chapter-3 related to Dashboards, Charts and scorecards and the chapter – 10 related to web service and forms. Find what looks interesting for you here…


What the author promises to reveal through the book,

  • Easily create attractive dashboards and reports using Performance Point, PowerView and Excel
  • Improve and maximize the potential of user communication and collaboration with Outlook and Lync
  • Create and configure roles centers for your users
  • Build personal portals and document libraries within SharePoint
  • Create a streamlined organization through workflows
  • Build new help files specific to your business
  • Develop personalized and customized screens

I would recommend this book for lead functional consultants who do implementations, pre-sales consultants, IT administrators and developers who are engaged with end user systems and implementations. The book is definitely worth a buy and is a interesting read. Order it here today. Please read the authors interview about the book here.

Interview: Murray Fife – Author Extending Dynamics Ax 2012 Cookbook

September 3, 2013 1 comment

In this short interview with Murray on his release of book Extending Dynamics Ax 2012 learn more about his experience of writing his book, how this book can benefit users, his future plans and get to know the software tools that makes Murray a productive man in the AX world. I would like to Thanks Murray for offering his time towards this interview.

How is the experience of authoring a book, this being your first book in spite of many publications on the web so far?

Murray Fife ImageWriting the book was thoroughly enjoyable, and was not as hard as I thought it was going to be.  This was partly because I had already compiled all of the content through my past blog posts, and also because I had got into the habit of writing because of the blogging.  One added benefit, I think that writing the book improved by blog posts as well, because I now structure them in a way that I can easily convert them over to more of a chapter format if I need too.

One aspect that was a new experience though while writing the book was the editing and critique.  For the first chapter, I was caught off guard, but after sucking back my pride, and taking an objective look at what the editors and reviewers were suggesting, I soon realized that critique is great, and incorporating their suggestions only made the book better.

 How will readers benefit from this book?

This book is all about doing more with what you already have.  Dynamics AX is a great application, but there are other tools that you probably have laying about within your organization that you can use in8331EN_cover conjunction with Dynamics AX to make it even better.  I tried to make the examples in the book useful enough to be used at least as a starting point for solving common problems that everyone is having.  Once you have mastered a chapter, you may find that you are able to extend out even further than the book does.

Also, there is probably about 20 lines of code in the whole book, and even those examples are simple enough that a non-developer would be able to add them to Dynamics AX.  I did this on purpose, because a lot of the examples are configurable, not developed.  I wanted the power users to take control of Dynamics AX and do more with it.

What tools or software’s that you use to make yourself productive and would recommend other Dynamics Ax community?

Apart from the tools that everyone is probably familiar with like PowerPoint (which is my storyboarding tool), SkyDrive (which allows me to access all of my files from any of my computers), Word (for collaboration and review), and PaintShopPro (for image cropping), I need to highlight one of the most useful tools in my utility belt, which is DuckLink Screen Capture (  This is free, and is the Swiss Army knife of screen capture.  I don’t know where the name came from, but I don’t care, because I could not live without it.

 What topics are you currently working with respect to Dynamics Ax?

I am continuing to learn the other areas of Dynamics AX ‚Äď there is so much functionality in the system, and so many gems hidden away that I doubt that I will stop.

 I already have enough content for a second Extensions Cookbook and have submitted it to PACKT for approval.  This one will be a little more functional, and show how you can configure the secondary features that people want to use, but are maybe a little too intimidated to try tackling.  Including Lean Manufacturing, Retail, Costing, Development of new Workflows, and Service Management.  I think that illustrating these examples will show people that they are really not that hard to configure, but still very useful and something to take advantage of.

 A follow on project that I have just started planning out is a guide for configuring Dynamics AX from a blank system.  It may seem daunting to configure a completely new system, but it’s not that hard.  Getting the base data in to a point where you can start running common business transactions is not hard if you don’t over-complicate it.  I am sure that companies just starting to implement Dynamics AX will like the content.

Read the review of the book here

Dynamics Ax 2012 reporting cookbook for SSRS – Dynamics Ax 2012

August 28, 2013 38 comments

Interested in learning Ax-SSRS report development ? Looking to improve your skills with Ax based SSRS report development ?

Here is a solution. Pre-order the Dynamics Ax 2012 Reporting cookbook I have authored.


Dynamics Ax Reporting Cookbook

This book will

  • Take you in to the depths of SSRS ¬†and build reports with confidence,

  • Make sure you utilize every feature possible with SSRS

  • Detailed examples on using controls like List, Chart, Gauges, Maps

  • Offer nice tips to enhance your development ability

  • Interesting methods to speed up report testing and development

  • Introduce you to tools that can help analyze report usage

  • Helps you stop hitting ¬†google for every problem with SSRS ūüôā

and much more.

Pre-order today for a discounted price.

The book is expected in September 2013.

Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2012 Services – Book Review

March 3, 2013 1 comment


Thanks to Packt  for asking me to review their book and I appreciate the author Klass Deforche and Kenny Saelen for their outstanding work.

Who should read it ?

Its very helpful for all AX users new to the Services world, for developers who work on integrating Ax to external systems and for ISV developers who are extending Ax through their non-ax based Add-on’s.

What can i take out of it ?

With AX 2012, SOA is slowly getting augmented to core of AX and using Services is extremely significant for developers and  a book that focuses on the Services aspect is need of the hour. This is a handy book that can be a quick and effective read.The beginning of this book unveils the key concepts of Service Architecture and Deployment  followed by a deep dive into different types of Services ranging from Document services to System services. Every topic is accompanied with necessary screenshots and code examples making it easier to understand. Topics like SysOperationFramework/Document Services  are exhaustively covered explaining Custom controllers and Custom UI builders. The AIF Document services in this book explains key concepts like Creating, updating ,deploying and consuming a document service. You can find below the TOC of the book

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Services
Chapter 2: Service Architecture and Deployment
Chapter 3: AIF Document Services
Chapter 4: Custom Services
Chapter 5: The SysOperation Framework
Chapter 6: Web Services
Chapter 7: System Services

Overall: The book is well organized  with  an how- to -do approach through out, It not only helps developers new to services but  also experts who build integration products.

Rating: 3.5/5   Click here to order the book,


Dynamics Ax 2012 Security How To – Book Review

December 21, 2012 2 comments

Packt has recently come up with a Security How-To book to followup it’s Ax2012 releases.



Thanks to Packt for asking me to review their book and I appreciate the author Ahmed Mohamed Rafik Moustafa for his work.

First of all, this is not the regular books that keeps you stay away from reading by the sheer numbers of page. I like the fact that Packt is trying to come up with more shorter series that are interesting and easier to read. The security How To is a Hand book with less pages and more content. It is something that you can tap on to your smart devices, start reading on your way to meet your client and be fully prepared.

The book inclines more towards administrators and consultants but it still dedicates few of the topics to the hard core developers who double as consultants. Segregation of duties to meet Sox Compliance or similar standards was not at least a cake walk with the previous versions of Dynamics Ax. Ax 2012 has made it much easier for functional users/administrators to carry out this operation, but that also means that you need to understand this new framework.  For that matter this book can come handy to get you prepared to face this new framework.

Right now Packt is running a offer and you will be able to buy this book for a little more than a dollar and i definitely recommend that you do it, since the take away from it is worth it. Click here to buy it

Also pre-order the upcoming book on Ax2012 Services by Klass Deforche and Kenny Saelen




Dynamics AX 2012 Enterprise Portal Development Cookbook

July 13, 2012 1 comment

The EP team @Microsoft has come up with a wonderful 160 page cook book for EP Development. The book is free and you can download as is from here EP Cook book

The book authored by Mey Meenakshisundaram and Anees Ansari talks on User Interfaces, Datasources and Datasets, Frameworkcontrols. The framework controls gives you in depth understanding of each control with clear code examples. This is followed by a detailed explanation of the list and detail pages covering the different elementary methods. There is also an advanced section for the list and detailed page that gets deeper through topics such as List page interaction. Then goes on to detail more on the general development concepts related to EP like Sessions, Metadata, Pages, FIlters, lookups and more. The book ends with a brief on the Sharepoint integration from Enterprise search.

The book is exhaustive, informative and is filled with several code examples that you can use. Thanks to the Microsoft EP team for a wonderful book that is definitely going to help us much more than expected.

Click here to read the original post EP book blog post

Download the book here EP Cook book

Dynamics Ax2012 Development Cookbook Review

July 6, 2012 Leave a comment

Well Thanks to Mindaugas for his hot recipes with Ax2012. The books has been organised as “how to do it” sections with most of the topics being what we would typically search in the blogosphere. It is like hitting the “I am feeling lucky” button. The author has chosen to go in detail rather being broad and covering less in every topic. So you will get pretty much a deep understanding around the topics.

Who should read it ?

It is for those who have a introduction to Ax and are looking up to sharpen your application skills.

What can i cook out of it ?

The book basically has a diverse thread of chapters like lookups, forms, Ax performance and business process implementation. The book begins with about handling data through temp tables, exporting and importing them. It moves on to detail on Forms with specific focus on adding filters, creating dynamic forms. Special controls like tree and list controls are also covered with good detail. The chapter on look-up is really exhaustive and would introduce you to every possible way of having look-ups with the client application. It includes the tree look-ups, dynamic look-ups and even the color picker.

The business process section details typical journals that would be required in customization like the ledger journal, posting of sales, purchase orders. The author has also devoted a chapter to integration with office clients through the COM connector. This would typically help you in creating components that can work independent of the office snap ins. There is also a chapter on the new services framework and systems services like Query, metadata. It also includes a brief introduction to create new documents using the service framework.

The development efficiency chapter outlines how as a developer you can make your routine tasks easier with add-in tools. The good point is the examples listed here are something that you can readily use like template for the find method, setting up a start up project and so. The final chapter educates you about tuning performance in your application from a developer perspective. There are very good insights in to the trace parser and caching of display methods.

Overall: The book is simple easy and quick to read, well organized with sufficient code examples. A good reader would definitely speed up his skills with a book as such this.

Rating: 3.5/5  click here to buy it now

Thanks to PACKT Publisher for asking me to review this book.

Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2012 – Development Cookbook

June 12, 2012 Leave a comment

Well readers here is another book to speed up your skills on top of Dynamics Ax 2012. Mindaugas Pocius has come up with a development cookbook. Please refer to the following link for more details  while i prepare to review this book shortly in my blog.

The book offers to provide details under the following titles

  • Explore data manipulation concepts in Dynamics AX
  • Build scripts to assist data migration processes
  • Organize data in Dynamics AX forms
  • Enhance your application by using advanced form controls
  • Create custom lookups using AOT forms and dynamically generate them from the X++ code
  • Create and post Dynamics AX journals from code
  • Create and manage purchase and sales orders from code
  • Create a custom electronic payment format and process a vendor payment using it
  • Integrate your application with Microsoft Office Suite
  • Create various Microsoft Office documents that can be used for exporting/importing business data for further distribution or analysis
  • Integrate the system with external systems using various approaches
  • Improve your development efficiency and experience
  • Learn simple but effective tips on how to improve overall Dynamics AX performance

Packt Publishing offers 20-30% Discount on all Dynamics books

May 21, 2011 1 comment

Guys planning to buy a book on Dynamics Ax, NAV, GP then you don’t find a better time then this.Pack Publishing is carrying on a “Dynamics Month” sale and as a part of it offering a discount of 20 – 30% on all their dynamics related publications and a chance to win free access to their e-library

check out here to see the offer Please refer to

Also excerpts from their press release,

Packt has produced a multitude of bestsellers in Sure Step, NAV, GP and AX – and not only do theyexcel in terms of quantity, but in quality, with each book garnering numerous positive reviews. And to celebrate this achievement Packt is crowning May: Dynamics Month, offering terrific discounts on all Dynamics books, as well as holding a competition providing you with the chance to win one year‚Äôs free access to PacktLib ‚Äď Packt‚Äôs online library!

Recent Dynamics publications include:

‚ÄĘ Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step 2010

‚ÄĘ Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Cookbook

‚ÄĘ Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Programming Cookbook

Throughout 2011 Packt will continue to build-upon this success with a further focus of branching into CRM.