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Solution Vs Product — realize and live the difference……

December 9, 2010 Leave a comment
The pleasure of building a product culminates at the moment when users start using it. Afer spending close to a year building our product we recently got one of our first customer go-live. The more important learning i carried on here was the difference between offering a solution and product. The general perception on enriching a product is to stack it with more and more features. But it makes little sense to the customer, more features definitely don’t ensure the comfort feel that users look for. A better approach would be ensuring that every feature added reaches the depth to offer the comfort feel for customers.

“Benchmark your product not as a proportionate to the number of features but based on the depth it reaches and the comfort feel it offers for the customer”.

I believe that this ideology was key  to make sure that our first go-live was a moment that we can cherish with.

At the same time an increased focus on the product left me with little time to focus on my passion for blogging. But you can’t stay away longer when it is your passion..So I’m back with more learnings and much to share… Keep reading.

Innovites Cable solution is now Certified for Dynamics Ax

July 9, 2010 3 comments

If you have been a regular reader to this blog then you would remember that I initially started writing about Best Practices. I have written a couple of articles but more is to come on those area. (Article 1, Article 2). That was time when we are totally focussed on imbibing best practices in our development methodology and the fruit of it is here to taste 🙂 …

I’m happy to let you all know that the solution we developed has successfully passed software solutions test to achieve the “Certified for Microsoft Dynamics Ax”  status and Innovites has also become a Microsoft Certifed Partner. I’m very happy about this as we have achieved all this within 1.5 years of starting this company.

Now Certification logo

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