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Interview: Murray Fife – Author Extending Dynamics Ax 2012 Cookbook

September 3, 2013 1 comment

In this short interview with Murray on his release of book Extending Dynamics Ax 2012 learn more about his experience of writing his book, how this book can benefit users, his future plans and get to know the software tools that makes Murray a productive man in the AX world. I would like to Thanks Murray for offering his time towards this interview.

How is the experience of authoring a book, this being your first book in spite of many publications on the web so far?

Murray Fife ImageWriting the book was thoroughly enjoyable, and was not as hard as I thought it was going to be.  This was partly because I had already compiled all of the content through my past blog posts, and also because I had got into the habit of writing because of the blogging.  One added benefit, I think that writing the book improved by blog posts as well, because I now structure them in a way that I can easily convert them over to more of a chapter format if I need too.

One aspect that was a new experience though while writing the book was the editing and critique.  For the first chapter, I was caught off guard, but after sucking back my pride, and taking an objective look at what the editors and reviewers were suggesting, I soon realized that critique is great, and incorporating their suggestions only made the book better.

 How will readers benefit from this book?

This book is all about doing more with what you already have.  Dynamics AX is a great application, but there are other tools that you probably have laying about within your organization that you can use in8331EN_cover conjunction with Dynamics AX to make it even better.  I tried to make the examples in the book useful enough to be used at least as a starting point for solving common problems that everyone is having.  Once you have mastered a chapter, you may find that you are able to extend out even further than the book does.

Also, there is probably about 20 lines of code in the whole book, and even those examples are simple enough that a non-developer would be able to add them to Dynamics AX.  I did this on purpose, because a lot of the examples are configurable, not developed.  I wanted the power users to take control of Dynamics AX and do more with it.

What tools or software’s that you use to make yourself productive and would recommend other Dynamics Ax community?

Apart from the tools that everyone is probably familiar with like PowerPoint (which is my storyboarding tool), SkyDrive (which allows me to access all of my files from any of my computers), Word (for collaboration and review), and PaintShopPro (for image cropping), I need to highlight one of the most useful tools in my utility belt, which is DuckLink Screen Capture (  This is free, and is the Swiss Army knife of screen capture.  I don’t know where the name came from, but I don’t care, because I could not live without it.

 What topics are you currently working with respect to Dynamics Ax?

I am continuing to learn the other areas of Dynamics AX – there is so much functionality in the system, and so many gems hidden away that I doubt that I will stop.

 I already have enough content for a second Extensions Cookbook and have submitted it to PACKT for approval.  This one will be a little more functional, and show how you can configure the secondary features that people want to use, but are maybe a little too intimidated to try tackling.  Including Lean Manufacturing, Retail, Costing, Development of new Workflows, and Service Management.  I think that illustrating these examples will show people that they are really not that hard to configure, but still very useful and something to take advantage of.

 A follow on project that I have just started planning out is a guide for configuring Dynamics AX from a blank system.  It may seem daunting to configure a completely new system, but it’s not that hard.  Getting the base data in to a point where you can start running common business transactions is not hard if you don’t over-complicate it.  I am sure that companies just starting to implement Dynamics AX will like the content.

Read the review of the book here

Refreshing AIF service classes in Dynamics Ax

July 12, 2010 Leave a comment

When you are frequently working with  AIF integration, there are chances that your classid’s for the AIF class could change when you import as XPO without id’s in another test or development machine repeatedly.

This can create a problematic situation where Ax will fail to recognize the same integration class with different Id. The simple reason is that most of them rely on the class Id to generate the related services. To get out of this situation you should try these steps’s suggest by Pawan.

Refer to the link below…

New Dynamics Ax community…

July 8, 2010 Leave a comment

Here guys one more new community focused on the Middle east and saudi arabian Dax’ians….

Welcome “Dynamics Ax Brains” community ……….

Dynamics Ax Role centre videos in YouTube Community Channel

July 7, 2010 1 comment

Microsoft Dynamics Community in YOUTUBE has got three new videos on Rolecenters..check them out.

Community Page in Youtube

Gear up for another upgrade – Dynamics Ax 2009 RU-5 released.

July 5, 2010 Leave a comment


it’s time to upgrade your application. Microsoft has released Rollup5.

Refer to link below to download

Dynamics Ax Rollup 5


Design Patterns used in Dynamics Ax

July 5, 2010 Leave a comment

MSDN has good content about the design patterns used in Dynamics Ax.

Refer to link below to read them…..

Thanks to Amir for pointing out this content. You can also download the offline files of these patterns from Amir’s Blog.

Renaming a Primary key like ItemId in Dynamics Ax

June 15, 2010 1 comment

Whenever I go for a customer demo i try to align my data with their portfolio. It can be tedious if we try to create the entire data again. What i do is I smartly rename all the existing items instead of recreating the data. Ax has a handy option that lets you do this easily. Through this option you can even rename primary key’s not just item Id. Watch the video below to understand more.

Guess you will find it useful tooooo…..:)

What’s new in Dynamics Ax 2009 – PDF download link

May 10, 2008 Leave a comment
   There is now a PDF containing what’s new in DAX 2009 is avilable. It is comprehensive and good to read.
    What’s new in Dynamics Ax 2009 – Technical (Requires login credential)
 I started my career in to Ax reading What’s new in Dynamics Ax 4.0 Open-mouthed

Dynamics Ax 2009- Useful resources

April 30, 2008 Leave a comment
   DAX 09 is catching the fire guys….. these days i could see my alert inbox filled with lots and lots of information on DAX 09.
  Here are few that i found interesting…. hope you to find them useful
   MFP throws light over the new layers that will be coming up in DAX 09 and how it will enable mulitiple industrial solutions for Ax.
   In the second one MFP has detailed the reason behind The secret semicolon and also details about the possibility of getting rid of it in DAX 6.0
    This a feature that i was looking for, now you can decide what elements from an enum will be available in the combo boxes. Thanks Kashperuk for bringing it out very earlier 🙂
   This article gives you a feel of how cross company coding is going to be easire in DAX09
   A detailed article on consuming webservices through code in DAX09 from MBS-ISV Development Evangelist
Downloads (Requires partner source credentials)
   What’s new in DAX09 – Presentations related to Technical, functional and localizations 
Lot’s of resource to keep crunching 🙂 …………..PizzaPizza

User Experience Guidelines for Ax 2009

March 18, 2008 Leave a comment
   Guys this is one among the best documents that i have seen. it wonderfully explains the guildlines for designing forms, reports and EP pages.
   Have a look… you will definetly appreciate it 🙂
   Thanks MS that’s gr8Gift with a bow