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Back to the journey of sharing my learnings in Dynamics Ax….

March 24, 2010 Leave a comment

My last post was two years back i believe. I always had a prick in my conscience for not maintaining this wonderful digital record of my learnings in Ax.  There were couple of things that was delaying and dragging it for such a long time. One was the huge spamming my blog got exposed in liveSpace. I couldn’t find some good ways to port my blog to some other good blog provider.

The other reason certainly was on the better side. Yes in fact, I’m referring to the making of our product(Innovites for cable).I was seriously in to making a solution that I never even imagined I could. After two years of effort our product has taken some good shape and is currently being implemented all around the globe. Well I will talk more about in the posts to come…

Coming to my blogging part, I was seriously pushed to think that i should start writing it back after hearing to one of my team mates in our internal feedback meeting. He had just shared me how my blog helped him in his early days.

That’s a good reason to start bloggggging again :)….. I’m back.

Well, These days i see quite a large increase in the number of blogs that talk about development in Ax. When i started with there were only a handful of them but today i could see quite many. That shows how rapidly the Ax community is growing.

A few of them that I found interesting recently….

Axdaily -
AxTools - - just sprung up but hoping to hear lot more of interesting stuff. - German guy...but is quiet useful if you have it translated.
Couple of my ex-colleagues...
Well I think that's enough to start with.

This time during the journey, I hope I am not just going to talk only about Ax, but also quite a lot about design patterns, interfaces, scrum, agile development and finally about our product too.

keep watching for more is to come in the coming days.

see you for now 🙂