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Dynamics Ax 2012 Reporting cookbook published & 5 reasons why you should go for it

September 30, 2013 Leave a comment

Hello everyone,

I’m very happy to inform you that the Dynamics AX reporting cookbook I authored is now published and available through major retailers online.

amazon-com amazon-co-uk barnes-nobleimages

If you had pre-ordered it through packt then you should already have it in your hand. If not and you are still thinking if this book is for you, here are 5 reasons that tells you how buying this book is a good choice.


  1. Understand the inners of reporting Framework: This book helps you understand the framework portions like the controller, preprocessing, temptable marshaller to the depth with the help of flowcharts and diagrams. Just because you do it better when you know it better.
  2. Better choice of controllers and data source: The book has one or more examples for all the possible controls including the ones that are not found in the out of the box reports and discusses every possible data source available for the reports with examples. Just because you make a better choice when you know the options better.
  3. Speed up development and testing: Inside the book there are unique techniques that can help you speed up development as well gain time by quick tricks to fasten testing. Just because you get time to be creative when you make your routines easier.
  4. Implementation pattern reference: There are recipes in this book for typical development patterns like validations, defaulting values, building lookups, multi value lookups, inventory & financial dimensions and much more. Just because Google is not your only friend we are here too ūüôā
  5. Analyze and Handle issues faster: The book has step by step in detail guidance to approach development issues, upgrades and design. It speaks about additional tools that can help you understand report performance and usage. Just because your mysterious must not remain unresolved.

curious and want to know more before buying ??

Look at the table of contents here  or Download the sample chapter from here

Interested in reviewing this book in  your blog ? Please contact me @casperkamal[at]gmail[dot]com

Interested in learning SSRS – Attend my SSRS session at AXUG see more details here

This blog has more SSRS tips revealed from the book read them here

What makes a good Dynamics Ax Project Manager ? – Interesting Infograph

July 18, 2013 7 comments

Infographic has been on the rise since they are like the role centers in Ax presenting comprehensive information in a easily consumable way..but before you start imagining this post is not about infographic in Ax ūüėČ ¬†Cognitive Group¬†has come up with an beautiful infographic on “What makes a good Dynamics Ax Project Manager” . ¬†As specified in the infograph, ¬†“The success and failure of a Dynamics Ax project is directly related to the quality of the project manager leading it” So find out what qualities you need to hone to make yourself a successful leader.

You can view the infographic here too


Cognitive Group is a UK based company that specializes in  providing permanent & contract staffing on Dynamics related technologies. You can read more on there blog here

Dynamics AX 2012 Enterprise Portal Development Cookbook

July 13, 2012 1 comment

The EP team @Microsoft has come up with a wonderful 160 page cook book for EP Development. The book is free and you can download as is from here EP Cook book

The book authored by Mey Meenakshisundaram and Anees Ansari talks on User Interfaces, Datasources and Datasets, Frameworkcontrols. The framework controls gives you in depth understanding of each control with clear code examples. This is followed by a detailed explanation of the list and detail pages covering the different elementary methods. There is also an advanced section for the list and detailed page that gets deeper through topics such as List page interaction. Then goes on to detail more on the general development concepts related to EP like Sessions, Metadata, Pages, FIlters, lookups and more. The book ends with a brief on the Sharepoint integration from Enterprise search.

The book is exhaustive, informative and is filled with several code examples that you can use. Thanks to the Microsoft EP team for a wonderful book that is definitely going to help us much more than expected.

Click here to read the original post EP book blog post

Download the book here EP Cook book

Clash of the Titans – SAP Vs Oracle Vs Dynamics Ax

July 12, 2012 Leave a comment

Panorama consulting one of the leading ERP consulting firm has come up with it’s latest independent comparison study of Tier – 1 ERP systems. The study is an outcome of inputs from 2000+¬†Respondent’s¬†from 65 country. While i leave the rest of the details to the report, I will highlight strengths of Dynamics Ax the report discusses.

It has lauded Ax for

‚ÄĘ Ease of customization
‚ÄĘ High flexibility
‚ÄĘ Ease of integration
‚ÄĘ Familiarity of user interface

Functional strengths include:
‚ÄĘ Strong inter- and multi-company support
‚ÄĘ Strong multicurrency and localization capabilities
‚ÄĘ Data dimension-enabled tracking of physical moves (inventory, etc.) and¬†financial transactions
‚ÄĘ Strong MRP and trade capabilities

The report indicates a lower short list percentage for Ax, it has identified that the selection percentage is the highest. While the implementation is shortest of all the big three and has a faster ROI.

The report is concise and precise to the point. Give it a read here ERP Report 

Twenty must know tips before ERP Implementation

January 2, 2012 1 comment

Recently i was reading through one of the ERP reports from Panorama Consulting. I found these twenty points an interesting read for anybody working with ERP. Give it a quick read and you might also like it.

To access the entire report click here




Dynamics Ax 2012 Unleashed – Pre-order now @ Amazon

March 29, 2011 4 comments

Couldn’t believe my eyes gentlemen, this afternoon I was surprised to see a pre-order open for a book on Dynamics Ax 2012 in Amazon. Not much information except for the author names. The authors are from the executive team of cole systems. Click here to know more about the authors..

“Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Unleashed” by Ivan cole and David weiner – Pre order for yourself here…

Dynamics Ax 2012 Front cover

Tools4Dax – Development tools for Dynamics Ax

March 12, 2011 2 comments

There is always a gap between what the developer wants and the product offers. Though Dynamics Ax is making fast improvement in the upcoming versions in bridging thesegaps, the current version has a handful of it ūüôā .. that’s when utilities come in to help like the verticals for functional gaps.

I can remember how utilities like Tabax/Sidax from Max Belugin, Kashperuk’s Table Addon, DaxConfig by Arijit, AxAssist helped me and¬†inspired me to come up with my own utilities…But these days I miss the trend. Uust to keep it kicking and alive is another such utility from ¬† “Tools4Dax”.

This utility offers quite a number of features I did try a few of them but yet to use it full fledged. Here is the list of features that Tools4Dax promises to offer and moreover it’s FREE!!!

  1. Getting AOT node information about a field in a form.
  2. Finding all unused labels.
  3. Generating common table methods like find().
  4. Generating default objects like forms.
  5. Inserting user specified class, method and headers and comments in code.
  6. Inserting commonly used statements in code.
  7. Generating project trees and adding nodes.
  8. Debugging Queries.
Download it here …¬†
Also interestingly they offer the first know tool for Scrum in Dynamics Ax (SCRUM4Dax). This is a nice move but what would be interesting is if this is integrated or built around Ax TFS(Like handling workitems). I haven’t still used it as we run our scrum development on Atlassian

Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2012 – Executive Interview -Complete Episodes

March 7, 2011 Leave a comment

Couple of weeks back I did a post informing about the series of post to come from¬† [¬†]¬† has now completely released the seven parts and it’s available in their blog now¬†

Rest of the series talks about survivals of channel partners in cloud era, tries to find if Ax is the favorite ERP, the strength of Ax to compete with Oracle and SAP and finally about the rebounding ERP market situation.

I have also created a playlist in YouTube to watch this seven part series in sequence. Use this link to connect to the playlist Ax 2012 – Executive Interview

Courtesy: Thanks to Derek from SoftwareAdvice for keeping me posted on the update

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 ‚Äď Can Microsoft‚Äôs Largest ERP Release Take on SAP

February 23, 2011 Leave a comment

Right after the Technical conference in January the news around the release and expectations of Dynamics Ax 2012 has been overwhelming.

Adding to that is another series of Video on Dynamics Ax 2012 from Don Fornes CEO of Software Advice interviews Guy Weismante Microsoft’s Director of ERP Marketing on the strategy and direction for Dynamics Ax2012.  The first two of the seven video series is available and keep watching their enterprise space for more from them series.

[Orig Post: Can Microsoft’s Largest ERP Release Take on SAP]

[Orig Post:Can Microsoft Dynamics ERP Make It to the cloud?]

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Microsoft Dynamics Salary Survey 2010/2011

February 23, 2011 Leave a comment

Nigel frank’s annual salary survey for Global Dynamics Jobs is now released and it’s available for download at their website here¬† The annual Nigel Frank Microsoft Dynamics Salary Survey is the most comprehensive reference of salaries and skills for those working within the Microsoft Dynamics community. The survey reports the global and country specific remuneration trends as well as offering an insight into certain demographics within the industry.

The general trend seen is positive with increasing focus for Dynamics Products around the world which is a good sign. This is a quick post I’ll do a summary shortly here…Keep watching.