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Dev Tip: Finding test data across companies – Dynamics Ax

This is going to be an obvious tip but the application is really very useful..

Most of the time as developers we get in to the daunting task of preparing test data to validate our changes. As developers we might either find it a mammoth task to fill all the data and do a test. The easiest shortcut we would look for is finding an existing data. The challenge we get in to often is a strange table which we don’t know how it gets filled even and we need to find if there is a data in any company. Searching the data comes with the difficulty to switch across 10 companies, opening the table browser and look for data. Here is a quick way to cut down your efforts.

Idea 1: Go to the SQL server management studio and right a simple group by statement.

Draw back: As a developer not all times i have the comfort of access to the SQL server

Idea 2: No issues. we have the power ūüôā Use the cross company feature :)…

In the example shown here we are searching for the list of companies that have record for tax trans.

    TaxTrans taxTrans;

    while select crosscompany  *  from taxtrans
    group by dataareaid

you can apply this query with more conditions and joins to narrow down your search.

Read here more on cross company query  http://j.mp/13ejLbX

Happy finding !!!


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