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Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2012 Services – Book Review


Thanks to Packt  for asking me to review their book and I appreciate the author Klass Deforche and Kenny Saelen for their outstanding work.

Who should read it ?

Its very helpful for all AX users new to the Services world, for developers who work on integrating Ax to external systems and for ISV developers who are extending Ax through their non-ax based Add-on’s.

What can i take out of it ?

With AX 2012, SOA is slowly getting augmented to core of AX and using Services is extremely significant for developers and  a book that focuses on the Services aspect is need of the hour. This is a handy book that can be a quick and effective read.The beginning of this book unveils the key concepts of Service Architecture and Deployment  followed by a deep dive into different types of Services ranging from Document services to System services. Every topic is accompanied with necessary screenshots and code examples making it easier to understand. Topics like SysOperationFramework/Document Services  are exhaustively covered explaining Custom controllers and Custom UI builders. The AIF Document services in this book explains key concepts like Creating, updating ,deploying and consuming a document service. You can find below the TOC of the book

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Services
Chapter 2: Service Architecture and Deployment
Chapter 3: AIF Document Services
Chapter 4: Custom Services
Chapter 5: The SysOperation Framework
Chapter 6: Web Services
Chapter 7: System Services

Overall: The book is well organized  with  an how- to -do approach through out, It not only helps developers new to services but  also experts who build integration products.

Rating: 3.5/5   Click here to order the book   http://bit.ly/137yTni,



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