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Debugging Tip for Dynamics Ax

Few tips for debugging….

> While debugging I observe that several people abruptly stop the execution. This can result in corrupting the data like blocking a journal, ttsbegin/ttscommit imbalances. It is always better if we instead direct/drag[Use run to cursor ctrl + F10] the execution cursor to a throw error statement. This will throw an error and rightly revert all changes made so far through the execution preventing any data corruption.

> When we debug errors it is easy to reproduce since we can use the same data. But if the case is something like imbalance in amount posted during invoice then every time we create a new order again as the data can’t be used anymore. In these cases it is easy if you write an “throw error” statement at the end of the execution. This will prevent the order from being invoiced and you will be able to reuse the same order until you find the error.

…… Better debugging 😉


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