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Towards Dynamics Ax Product Certification – Best Practices (Part II)

Refer Here… for the First Part

Towards Dynamics Ax Product Certification – Best Practices (Part I)

In order to figure out the warnings from our vertical layer we had to make a dataset of the standard warnings without our layer. After fixing the remaining 100 warnings we sent our application for mock certification test to internal test team. They found more than 50  BP errors in individual components.

This came to us as a surprise as our automated build process indicated only zero vertical warnings. After some exploration  in to the compilation process indicated that the Bp count that comes through standard AOT  compile is not actual.

To achieve a complete Best practice check we must use the sys cmed –BP check and not a  compile on the entire AOT.

ax32 -startupCmd=checkbestpractices

This invokes BP check  component by component. This output is what we need to use to ensure that our application is BP error free.

The proper Bp check almost ran for 9 hours and 30 minutes resulting in a total of 1 lakh and 50 thousand Bp errors, warnings. The huge number of error made it difficult to verify the compiler output directly in Ax. The exported log file was more than 400 MB which failed to open in any browser.

Finally we had to use streaming editor like GREP to scan through and find errors. The scan indicated errors in both our vertical and standard ax(believe me it has).

We fixed all this BP Errors to achieve our first complete error free  build that can be sent to certifications.

This is a quite time consuming and tedious if required to be followed in a regular basis. We used our learnings here to improve the Bp system, make it simpler and easy to follow every day.

Let’s see how we made it simpler in the next part…


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