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Debugging form controls in Dynamics Ax

The X++ debugger doesn’t get invoked when placing breakpoint(ctrl+f9) in form controls.

There have been quite a few suggestions to work around this like the one mentioned one below



I have also a suggestion which i think can be slightly better also.

Add a method called bp() to global.

static void bp()

Now when you want to debug  a formcontrol, type bp() there and  place a breakpoint(ctrl+f9) in the global method.

This will invoke the debugger without any issue.

The advantage here is

>> You need not bother about “breakpoint”  in the code that is shipped.

>> With hardcoded breakpoints you cannot stop them when you want the code to execute, but with this bp() method you can easily remove it  as it is just (ctrl+f9) based.

>> At the end typing bp() is easy then typing breakpoint 😉


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