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I 4 C For Dynamics Ax:)


So How did you read the title? “I Foresee for Dynamics Ax” …. that’s right, but still it has more subtle meaning to it.Keep reading to know more.

I4C also stands for “Innovites for Cable for Dynamics Ax”, the new add on that I(We) 4 C for Dynamics Ax. I4C(I Foresee) I4C  (Innovites for Cable) taking Dynamics Ax to a niche market, that’s cable industries.

It’s perfect to understand why Dynamics Ax was chosen as the platform for I4C before sharing the speciality of the solution.

Why Dynamics Ax?

Dynamics Ax is the right entrant to the market at the right time. This statement might make you raise your eyebrows. But that’s the fact. The market dominant ERP’s of the 1990’s like BAAN where widely implemented in many companies. These implementations have got quite old and the product companies of the ERP’s are not brisk enough to keep in phase with the changes that have happened mean time. So the companies that are looking  for a replacement have the following objectives to choose an ERP.

1. A product that exactly fits the existing technology stack.
2. A wider vision that ensures a long time support.
3. Cost Effective
4. Good manageability.

If Ax as an ERP can be scored against these needs, I’m sure that it would make up to a very good score. That simply defines in a few lines why Ax is the Platform for I4C

What I4C promises to deliver..

I can remember long time back having a discussion with some of my colleagues on what it takes to implement a Ax for a new Industry. The answer was pretty simple customize Ax to fit their process and implement. I did nod to it. But today if you would put forward the same question before me, I would definitely not give the same answer. Why do you need to go for new System if it is exactly reciprocating your process. Do you really need it ? What value addition has it got it for you ? That’s were the real reason behind the industry verticals stand.

Build a solution that doesn’t just reciprocate but enhances, add value to the existing process and make it more reliable. That’s the promise I4C carries.

I4C promises to inspires business innovation and create the changes to give room for the innovation and execute the change for excellence.


I4C I4C as a Industry solution that Innovates, Renovates and Implements the best fit process for cable industry.

Simply to say …………..


Keep checking this space….as I take you further in to the journey of Innovites’ Innovation.

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