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A Dynamic journey with Dynamics Ax —-


It’s exactly 2.5 years from the time i began my journey along with Dynamics Ax. I got in to Sonata as  a fresh graduate after my engineering degree. I was made part of the Dynamics Ax practice, being a hardware enthusiast during my graduation days I had little knowledge on “OOPS” (I knew only to say “oops”). So the journey with Ax @ Sonata was much a action packed one, with lots of stuff to learn and lots to explore. The journey was much more interesting when Sonata identified me for my efforts and put me on better roles. I played roles from being a test developer to a lead guiding a large vertical development.

It’s now few weeks since I have got myself out of Sonata to run towards my long term wish. But I sincerely feel that I am much obliged to Sonata for the opportunities  and space that  I was given. It was a hard decision to make, which I am still refusing to believe.

Water lilies

It’s time to talk about the new role that I have picked up. I am now part of the team that has set steps to build a cable solution on Dynamics Ax. I’m much exited about this new role as it was something that I wished to do after becoming an DAx’er (I mean an Ax guy). So get prepared to here more from me and the cable solution that we are building…..

I know you would be now much interested to know more on the cable solution and the people behind it. Just click here to quench your quest …. www.innovites.com


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