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Dynamics Ax 2009- Useful resources

   DAX 09 is catching the fire guys….. these days i could see my alert inbox filled with lots and lots of information on DAX 09.
  Here are few that i found interesting…. hope you to find them useful
   MFP throws light over the new layers that will be coming up in DAX 09 and how it will enable mulitiple industrial solutions for Ax.
   In the second one MFP has detailed the reason behind The secret semicolon and also details about the possibility of getting rid of it in DAX 6.0
    This a feature that i was looking for, now you can decide what elements from an enum will be available in the combo boxes. Thanks Kashperuk for bringing it out very earlier 🙂
   This article gives you a feel of how cross company coding is going to be easire in DAX09
   A detailed article on consuming webservices through code in DAX09 from MBS-ISV Development Evangelist
Downloads (Requires partner source credentials)
   What’s new in DAX09 – Presentations related to Technical, functional and localizations 
Lot’s of resource to keep crunching 🙂 …………..PizzaPizza
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