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Autozip 1.0 for Dynamics Ax 4.0

 A Promise is a promise….
 Here guys the Autozip for Dynamics Ax 4.0 which i promised a long time back (click to see my promise)Open-mouthed.
 It is pretty simple to use. Here is a short brief of how to install it.

Installing Autozip

 1. Dowload and Extract the zip file from the following place…
 2. Add the dll file from the extract to your bin directory and simlarly add an reference to it in your AOT
 3. Now import the XPO.
 4. Autozip is ready to use.

What’s the use of Autozip
 Autozip let’s you automatically zip the exported xpo and similary import an zip file rather a xpo.
How to zip during Export
 1. Just click the zip file option while u export.
2. It will export one .xpo file and one .zip file

 How to import a zip file
 1. Just open any drive and point to a zip file that contains xpo’s(doesn’t matter if it contain other files inside it also)
 2. That’s all … all xpo files inside the zip will be imported.
Can you use this for your own custom development?

  Yes you can use it. Please refer to the Job "JobAutozip" along with this project to know about it.
Missing Feature
 1. If your zip file extracts them as folders and puts the xpo inside folders, the system will not find them. (This fill
    be fixed in the next release)
 1. An option to delete the .xpo file which get’s exported.
 Axaptapedia Link
Also available at Axaptapedial here ……  http://www.axaptapedia.com/Autozip_for_Dax_4.0
 Do let me know your comments.
 Keep zipping 🙂

  1. Carnifex
    April 4, 2008 at 6:13 pm

    Hi, you wrote: "Dowload and Extract the zip file from the following place".
    But this is link only for xpo file, not zip 🙂
    (This same is on axaptapedia)

  2. Kamal
    April 30, 2008 at 6:13 pm

    Hi bez,
    Thanks for reminding i made it zip file assuming that i have loaded both the xpo and the dll for C# integration. After checking i found that i have missed the dll and loaded only the xpo.

  3. Kamal
    April 30, 2008 at 6:13 pm

    please refer to this link for the dll and xpo download

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