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Sending alerts through code without error in Ax

 There was an article sometime back by Helmut on "sending alerts through code"(click to read the article), there was one problem with the code as helmut had quoted
    "* you will get an error in the alert form on the second tab"
  The error will not crop up if you use the following code….
void sendMessageToUsers()
    SysMailer           mail;
    UserInfo            UserInfo;
    EventInbox          inbox;
    EventInboxId        inboxId;
    select UserInfo where UserInfo.id == CurUserId();
    inboxId = EventInbox::nextEventId();
    inbox.ShowPopup     = NoYes::Yes;
    inbox.Subject       = "Testing alert via code";
    inbox.Message       = "Hello we are alerting";
    inbox.AlertedFor    = "This alert is just information no links are available";
    inbox.SendEmail     = false;
    inbox.UserId        = UserInfo.Id;
    inbox.TypeId        = classnum(EventType);
    //Give any table and field values
    inbox.AlertTableId  = TableNum(Address);
    inbox.AlertFieldId  = fieldNum(Address ,Name);
    inbox.TypeTrigger   = EventTypeTrigger::FieldChanged;
    inbox.CompanyId     = CurExt();
    inbox.InboxId       = inboxId;
    inbox.AlertCreatedDate = systemdateget();
    inbox.AlertCreateTime  = timeNow();
 …… Auto Alert plz Alert Smile
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