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#InventDimDevelop macro in Dynamics Ax

   This is one Macro that we would come across frequently in Ax. But if we check out the Macro node all weu would find is a empty node with only a comment as shown below.
   /* used to locate code with direct dimension references */
Even then it is a very significant macro, because it helps you identify all the places in Ax that directly affect Inventory dimensions. Say if we are adding a new Item dimension then we can just search for this particular macro in the AOT to find out the areas where there is a need to do some additional coding to get the new InventDimension in to effect. It is also advisable to take the help of cross referrence to complete the change to Inventory Dimension, because there are still some places where this macro has not be located.
Make sure to use this Macro if there is any code that affects inventory dimensions, it would help a lot for your future changes and upgrades.
…….. a macro mystery solved   haa haa
  1. aslam
    October 31, 2012 at 11:00 am

    hi sir ,
    Can you please tell me about what is the meaning of financial dimension and why we use ..base leval with one example in ax ..send me mail to this mail id aslammd111@gmail.com


  2. No name
    May 3, 2007 at 7:55 pm

    you find not all places, where inventDims are used, when you look for the usage from this macro.
    Don´t I know it! I must added a new item dimension.
    I looked for this macro, for inventColor and for inventBatch.

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