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A simple utility for Dynamics Ax

Some days back i had to come up with a document containing the path of several forms in the navigation pane.I was bit lazy to type the path of every form, thought should have a simple utilty that can give me the path at a click. Finally i came up with one in about some half an hour 🙂
Here is the utility guys…. 
and this is how it works,
1. select the Node from the navigation pane

2. Run this Job,
3. You get a dialog box.  The dialog box asks for a value to replace with..  you can specify the symbol that you want to use in specifying path (specify "->" for "General Ledger -> Chart of Accounts", specify "\" for  "General Ledger\Chart of Accounts") of your choice in the dialog box. The default value is " -> ".

4. You will get the path dislpayed in the infolog, copy and paste it in the document

    Though it is a simple job, it helped me a lot…… try out for yourself
………………….mmm I made my functional gusy happy finally
  1. Vanya Kashperuk
    April 18, 2007 at 8:07 pm

    There is a similar tool already present in Tabax (http://www.axaptapedia.com/Tabax)
    It also allows to copy not only the path to the object, but an AxPath, containing information about a specific line of code or a recId of a specific record in a form.

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