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Running multiple Dynamics Ax clients with differnt permissions

 Since Dynamics Ax 4.0 uses Active Directory based logon Authentication, checking your security or code permissions setup requires you to logon with different credentials. "runas" command  available with Window Xp and other higher version would be very helpful to run only Ax application with different credentials…………..(:) hope "dot net" techies are well aware of this funda)
There are two ways to use runas command, either through command line or a GUI.
1. Executing through command line
   Type the following line :
  runas /username ax32.exe
                eg: runas /kamalakannann.e ax32.exe
   next the command line will prompt you for your password once you enter it, your new Dynamics Ax session for the  
   corresponding user will be ready
   sometimes Dynamics Ax will not open up( ) in such situation 
   try this trouble shooting tip
   > RightClick My Computer and go to properties

   > On the Advanced tabl click Environment Variables button, this will open a new form
   > Go to the System Variable Field, and select SystemVariable named "Path"
   > Now click edit and add the following line
   "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics AX\40\Client\bin"
   > Save it and try again, you will find it working


2. Executing through GUI
   >Go to program Files and select Microsoft Dynamics Ax 4.1 or any where where you have your shortcut to open
   > Right Click and Select Runas
   > You will get a login window, Just type in your userid and password Dynamics Ax opens up the session for the corresponding user.(if you type the right password )
………………………. hurray easy security check
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