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Customizing Infolog through SysInfoAction

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This section will explore about customizing the Infolog in Ax through SysInfoAction,

  We generally use the infolog to display various type of messages , occasionally we also carry out some action through the Infolog, say for example opening a new form or the code from which the info originated these can be done with the help of SysInfoAction.

  The Info has the following signature,

       Info(SysInfoLogStr txt, URL helpUrl = ”, SysInfoAction _sysInfoAction = null)

       _sysInfoAction is the parameter that helps us to customize Infolog,

 To customize the infolog, in such a way that Infolog appears with a button"OpenCustTable" and when the button is clicked a “CustTable” Form is opened, The code would look like this

         SysInfoAction_FormRun   SysInfoAction =  SysInfoAction_FormRun::newFormnameDesc(Formstr(custtable), ‘OpenCustTable’);
         Info(‘Trying to customize Infolog’, ”, SysInfoAction);

 The second parameter in the static method of sysInfoAction specifies the name of the button that appears in the infolog


Similarly Ax comes with a set of classes that will help us to perform different actions through the infolog namely,

(Seems to be used for SQL Trace display, exploring it will soon post it’s use J !!!)

             This class takes a any table record as parameter and displays the selected record in the associated form
(Using dictable.formRef ()).

  try out the same with these classes too and have fun……….


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