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Creating CHM based help system For Ax


              Dynamics Ax now features an help system that is completely based on Compiled HTML files(CHM). Creating a standard help requires CHM editors like HTMLWorkShop(Click to download).
           To add a new help content to your customization create HTML pages throug any standard HTML editor. Create a new project in HTMLWorkShop and add the created pages to it.now compile this to create the CHM file and paste the generated CHM file in the following location.
 SystemDrive:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics AX\40\Client\Bin\Help\EN-US
            Open your AOT window and create a new node under HTMLhelpfiles, this new node can be linked to the newly generated CHM file by just specifying the name. To associate the help with the customization you did, choose the form or table or class that you created under the Application document node and set the following properties
        HTML Help Enabled = yes 
        HTML Help file        = File node you added (Ex: MycustomHelpFiles)
        HTML Help Topic     = CHM Topic id (Something Like this Mycustom.chm::/html/test.htm ………..)
             Instead if you requirement is to edit an existing help system then all you have to do is use the HTMLWorkShop to decompile the CHM file you want to edit, from the decompiled files choose the HTML file you want to edit and use HTML editor to make the changes. Now compile the project again and Place it in the same location, your help file is ready to use
  ………help for help haaa haaa…….:-)


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