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Code Access security

September 3, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments


       The new Dynamics Ax 4.0 release proivdes more tighter security access over API’s System tables, and System level classes. I am really  delighted with the leap jump in the security portion which is imperative in todays scenario……
I have listed out the new security classes that have been added to Ax


      For Example if you are using Sysdictclass.callobject method with the new security structure it would be something like this
and also remember to call the revertassert option, when ever you are access to the secured system class is complete
     The Class codeAccessSecurity is an abstract type and you will have to extend it too. SysDatabaseLogPermission class is a good example which would explain you about exending and using the codeAccessSecurity permisssion class (you can expect a post on this soon).
     The Best Practice compiler is so designed to give you a Best practice warning. whenever you feel that you don’t need to use the security classes , just write //BP Deviation Documented above the line to avoid BP warning
      //BP Deviation Documented
hope right now you would be in sync to explore more about it….????, just have a look in to this doc which will help you better explore
  …………..  feeling secure


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