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Tech-Ed – 2006


This week I attended Microsoft Tech-Ed 2006 at Hyderabad, It was really a nice time being there. This is the first time I am attending Tech-Ed. It was nice to see the people who really develop the robust applications and development tools for us.
Being a Dynamics developer and that too a being a beginner there was lot of things for me to learn at Tech-Ed. The presentations were dam good, especially the one on Table Pc made me raise my eye brows Looking at the growing trend of friendly user interface, but i couldn’t catch up much of the technology stuff behind that coz the presentation itself was for a very short time.
The session that i most enjoyed was the session on "Hacker Proofing Your Apps: Writing Robust Code " by vineet Gupta, it was really good he spoke briefly on common mistakes that developers make and  ideas to mitigate hacking probs.
The next one was  one on Linq(Language-integrated query) by Sanjay Vyas, he show cased how MS is strengthening it’s language capabilities. it’s really an interesting topic to explore much more.
Nauzad Kapdia’s session on "Biz Talk server" was good but he was speaking very fast and he
gave no time for the attendees to ask any question, probably if he would have done this it would have still been better…….
 The sessions on ETL and Office for developers were also interesting. L Srividya who took the session on ETL is a very good speaker, her way of presentation was excellent.
  I enjoyed both the days. There was also lot of fun along with Technologies, with small competitions and games all around. The food was also excellent. At the end i bid good bye to the two day session taking away the software goodies from MS.
Tech-Ed 2006 Hyd was a nice experience, awaiting for the next………
……………… exciting


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